About us

We at PerformanceHits let our Performance speak for ourselves. Trust us, in an ideal scenario it’s not always easy to give the performance up a notch but with our team of experienced AdTech professionals, we take pride in tailoring the right approach to cater to the needs of all our Clients and help them meet their KPIs.

With Data Driven insights, an unparalleled reach, Brand Safety Measures and a host of direct relationships with great Clients we assure you that you advertising needs are in safe hands.

What We Do ?

We understand the demands of Publishers, Advertisers and Agencies in this new era of constantly changing Advertising ecosystem and help them with just the right tools and state of the art strategic approach to deliver a maximum reach for the Media Buyers and assure an enhanced yield for the Publishers’ Ad assets.

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Our Specialty Areas

Join our Pool of Premium and Direct Brands

Reaching the right audience is every Brand's and Media Buyer's goal. Our focus is to connect you with our pool of premium audiences. We derive critical insights from the 1st and 3rd party data to identify the maximum reach for your ad dollars spent across devices and platforms. Our Client first approach prioritizes your revenue goals above everything and help you achieve the desired performance.

Our Clients